Our Story

As stated, the social fabric that would have protected and provided for orphaned children is no longer here. The individualism in modern culture no longer has a place for orphans and the disadvantaged. As a result, the mantle must be taken up by non-profit organizations and social workers who do their best to provide for the emotional and material needs of orphans. Some of these groups are ran by governments that provide the financial resources required to run stat orphanages where the disadvantaged can be taken care of. Government’s in developed countries account for foster care where children can be placed in families to try and provide them with a family structure they can rely on. The state-sponsored orphanages in developed countries have a lot of amenities to ensure that the orphans can get decent education, good food and clothes.

However, this is not the case in the developing world. Most developing countries are cash-strapped and the amounts allocated to orphanages and social groups is quite low. This makes it difficult for the social workers and civil societies to help the orphans.

Our Mission

Orphans of the world dAPP is a proposed blockchain application that is going to address the plight faced by orphans around the world. Many children without parents around the world are struggling to get a decent life without support from their relatives or their communities. Orphans of the world will be a blockchain dAPP as mentioned above, but one can ask why blockchain? Blockchain is the ideal space for smart contract storing. As a decentralized system, it does not require intermediaries to be present at the time of realizing transactions or signing deals.

Orphans Of The World (Orph_Token) Developers

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Speed. The Stellar network can complete transactions faster than other avenues. Conventional international settlements take weeks and most other bank transfers take a similar time. Stellar can complete the same transactions in 2-5 seconds.

Security. International transfer of payments takes a long time and this can increase the likelihood of theft by hackers when done over the internet. However, Stellar is cryptographically secure and all transactions will have the same benefits,

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